Thursday, July 17, 2008

Island Paradise

In the Island of Bohol on the Philippines, the first thing you see will be the lush green plant and forest,and a stretch of white sand on the beach where the fisher man and some people collecting sea shell and some sea foods.but others just simply relaxing and watching the sunrise or the sunset, an Island called Panglao about 5 kilometers from the City of Tagbilaran is a wonder with it's white sand beaches and clear blue waters,there are some resort and establishment to accommodate the traveler especially the tourist, walking along Panglao Town is a feeling of island life seeing people with a smile on their faces and kids playing around the town plaza,It's not a big town it can be walk for an hour and it has all the daily needs of the people, San Agustin Church is in the town center and connected to it is San Agustin Academy, new houses around town sprung up like mushroom and of course Internet Cafe,
Alona Beach just recently develop after the famous boracay, but it has the same features and surroundings like boracay white sands crystal clear water,This place are truly an island paradise just waiting to be seen!

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